REVIVER project

Comprehensive research

This research document serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, educators, agricultural professionals, and environmental activists looking to deepen their understanding of regenerative agriculture’s potential to transform the agricultural landscape in Europe and Africa towards sustainability and resilience.

The introductory sections lay the groundwork for understanding the concept of regenerative agriculture, highlighting its importance against the backdrop of agricultural intensification and its environmental repercussions.


It elaborates on how regenerative agriculture stands as a sustainable countermeasure to the adverse effects of conventional farming practices on soil quality, climate, and biodiversity.


The report not only emphasizes the principles that distinguish regenerative agriculture from traditional and organic farming systems but also sheds light on the challenges hindering its widespread adoption.


Report offers country-specific insights into the state of regenerative agriculture, encompassing legislative frameworks, government policies, and the practical implementation of regenerative practices in the field.


It also discusses the obstacles to adoption, innovative solutions adopted by farmers, and the support mechanisms in place to promote regenerative agriculture. 

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