REVIVER project

Project Partners

Pannonia Consulting (Croatia)

Specializing in business development for young farmers and digital educational tools, Pannonia plays a pivotal role in curriculum development and project management.



Kua Zone Innovation College Limited (Kenya)

With expertise in digital learning and agribusiness, Kua Zone is instrumental in digitizing the curriculum and fostering cross-border learning.



University of Education, Winneba (Ghana)

Renowned for its contribution to educational policy and development, UEW will co-lead in curriculum development.



Outside Media & Knowledge (Germany)

A marketing specialist focusing on inclusive and digital learning strategies, will lead the dissemination efforts.


APEX Agribusiness Academy (Tanzania)

Leveraging a vast network in the agri-food sector, AAA will contribute significantly to the project’s sustainability networks.

Learning Library (Estonia)

An edu-tech company proficient in digitalizing learning, they will co-lead in developing e-modules and e-tools.



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